FAQ : Random Touch of Care

Why is RTC doing this?

  • To support good deeds within our community
  • To make where we live a better place
  • To foster good will among those that choose to live in this great part of Indiana
  • Because it is the right thing to do

Who is eligible?

Anyone that resides within the RTC ILEC and CLEC service areas


What is in it for the community?

Good things stem from small sparks of goodness.  The more sparks, the more goodness, so to speak.  Perhaps, one of those sparks can have a profound impact on the life and lives of our friends and neighbors.


What is in it for RTC customers?

This program reflects the values of RTC and our employees.  The more good acts that are committed, the better our community will be and that benefits everyone that lives and works within our service area.  That’s a good thing.


What is in it for me if I participate?

Of course, satisfaction of knowing that you did something good for someone else. As a thank you RTC will be awarding gift cards (at RTC discretion) of varying value to some of the participants of the program each month to those who exemplify the goals of the program.


Isn’t this a bit self-serving for RTC?

We do not get anything directly from doing the program within our community.  We cannot deny however, that it does look good for RTC but isn’t that what our customers, employees, regulators and cooperative owners want us to do?