Welcome Members!

Welcome to RTC Communications’ 69th Annual Meeting! As we continue to see cases of COVID-19, we have made the decision, once more, to forego an in-person meeting and provide a booklet of this past year’s messages, achievements, financials, and notables.

This past year we focused on growing, connecting, advocating, and giving back to our communities because “nothing feels like local feels”. Throughout this booklet you’ll see how RTC has taken the initiative for extensive growth to ensure the prosperity of our company’s future.

As owners and valuable members of RTC Communications, you deserve to know where we stand, where we’re going, and how we plan to extend our reach. It is our responsibility to ensure our hometowns are able to handle growth opportunities, in our homes and within our businesses.

Please submit your ballot by Friday, May 20th

Winners will be announced Friday, May 27th

Gift Cards

$500 to AirWorks

$100 to Gastoff

$50 to Outdoor World

$50 to Chandelier Barn Market

$25 to Jimbos

$20 to Marathon

$20 to Dairy Mart

$15 to Zax’s Creamery

Board of Directors

David Redman

President | Williams Area


Joshua Bauer

Vice President | Trinity Springs Area


Bennie Lawyer

Secretary/Treasure | Plainville Area


Mary Jo Holsopple

Director | Montgomery Area


Rob Sullender

Director | Glendale Area


Terry Street

Director | Alfordsville Area