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Fast, reliable internet from RTC Communications can ensure the serious sports fan in your house never misses out on the action.
Along with traditional broadcast channels like ESPN and the major networks, there is now a growing list of streaming-only services that carry almost any sport you can imagine from nearly anywhere on the globe.

While you may not follow Indonesian cricket or Argentinian soccer, there’s no reason you should go without on college football weekends when you live out of market from your alma mater, or your school is too small to ever make it on prime time TV.

Here are just a few of the more popular sports streaming sites and apps to consider. Some require cable subscriptions, but an increasing number of them don’t. Choose your favorite, sign in, sign on, and let the games begin!

1. WatchESPN

This is ESPN’s internet television and mobile app operation. It provides access to a dizzying array of minor and major sports events through ESPN broadcast channels themselves, along with the Longhorn and SEC networks and the streaming-only services ESPN3 and ESPN+. They generally require paid cable subscriptions, but not always. ESPN3 is typically restricted to desktop or laptop computers. (There are workarounds.)

2. NBC Sports

Cable TV subscribers get free streaming access to the wide world of NBC Sports, which features live events as well as news articles, schedules, and more.

3. Sling TV

For $25 to $40 a month you can watch ESPN offerings and lots of non-sports TV, too, using Sling TV and devices and services like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox One, Android TV, and Apple TV.

4. Red Bull TV

This free streaming site adds lifestyle content to its eclectic mix of extreme and adventure sports, such as cliff diving and mountain climbing, as well as tamer pursuits such as skiing and surfing.

5. VIPRow

This site aggregates a wide variety of sports and entertainment streaming sites, from major international soccer leagues to darts tournaments. Lacrosse anyone?

There are multiple options for streaming live sports onto your TV and wireless devices. But there’s only one way to ensure the service is seamless and reliable: internet service from RTC Communications.

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