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Moving from Cable to Streaming

You might be uncertain about moving from cable to a streaming service, but once you do, you’ll be happy you did; and you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

To have the best experience possible with streaming services, ensure you’re equipped with a fast, reliable internet connection. The recommendation for a non-buffering streaming experience is at least 25 MBPS. No worries with RTC’s Intelecyn Speed internet of speeds starting at 500 MBPS! At this speed, you’ll be able to stream multiple devices! Do you work from home?
Do you have a larger family? Do you connect phones, TVs, gaming systems, smart appliances, computers, security cameras, and more? 1 Gig service handles this connectivity effortlessly.

NO Suffering. NO Buffering. NO Lagging.

Basics to get Started.

Streaming is no longer a trend; it’s a mainstream source of entertainment, education, work, and, let’s face it, LIFE.
Have you noticed how many products are internet-connected? It’s pretty astounding how “connected” our lives are when we think about it.

So what do you need to get started streaming?
Do you have a Smart TV? No? No problem! You’ll need a streaming device! Streaming devices are small, easy to hide (unlike cable boxes), and typically connect through an HDMI port on the back of your TV. In turn, with connection to your home WIFI, it converts your ordinary TV to a Smart TV!




Note: Check your TV before you buy a streaming device! Older TVs may not be optimized for streaming services or have HDMI ports for connecting a streaming device.

Devices for Streaming.

If you need a streaming device, there’s a variety on the market today. Below are some popular and most used devices

Click the icons below to learn more about each commonly used device.

On-Demand Streaming Services.

On-demand streaming allows you to watch a wide variety of media from any smart device conveniently. You can select what you would like to watch, play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind like cable services. These services update their watch list frequently, but there are 1000’s of shows new and old to watch, any time!

 The most popular on-demand streaming services are listed below. 

Live Streaming Services.

Live streaming services look, and act very similarly to live cable. Like having a viewing schedule? These services provide it! Worried about local channels? Most services, like YouTubeTV, HuluTV, DirectTV Stream, and FuboTV, offer local channels, so staying connected with the community and keeping in touch with local weather are all there waiting for you!

Select a Live Streaming Service below to see more details.

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