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 Today’s home entertainment viewers are not lacking in content. Your tablet or Smart TV is a digital content library. You can watch anything from on-demand movies and television shows to weekly series on live streaming TV.

And with high-speed fiber internet provided by RTC Communications, you can binge all of this available content reliably and even in high-definition without a cable cord or satellite dish—and without all their extra costs and unsightly equipment!

So with the voluminous quantity of choices across dozens of streaming apps and platforms, you may be feeling a bit bewildered about how to choose your next film or series.

This is where MyBundle and its sleek interface and ground-breaking search tools shine. Below, we discuss how to utilize some of MyBundle’s most innovative features to help you select your next great watch!

Search for Entertainment Across Your Apps

Given the massive number of apps and platforms available to stream now, picking a show or movie to watch can feel like a chore.

MyBundle simplifies your searches for streaming entertainment. Its dashboard is easy to navigate and organizes all of your content in one place to speed up your decision-making—and makes your shows and movies much easier to find.

MyBundle’s intuitive content search tool starts by asking you to select the apps and streaming services you already have. Then, you’ll choose your favorite genres, from comedies to sci-fi/fantasy to dramas and mysteries. From there, scroll through the newly-generated list of suggested programs and just add them to your Watchlist.  You can easily view your Watchlist of great programming all in one place. So you can get busy watching instead of endlessly searching and app-surfing!

Get Personalized Content Recommendations from MyBundle

Almost every streaming app and platform will recommend new content based on the programs you watch. While that’s useful, MyBundle takes content recommendation to new heights.

Just as MyBundle makes it easy to search for movies and series across your apps and platforms, MyBundle’s intuitive content recommendation technology also makes suggestions for new movies and shows based on all of your subscriptions and plans. It uses a savvy algorithm to present options based on genres and other relevant factors. 

MyBundle’s recommendations come from all of your streaming platforms and are neatly organized in one place rather than spread out among your innumerable apps. 

In other words, instead of just relying on what Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, Amazon Prime, or Netflix think you’ll enjoy from their available programming, MyBundle provides a much broader swath of relevant content choices for viewing!

Your Friends and Family Can Recommend Movies and Shows

But as cool as MyBundle’s personalized content recommendation algorithm is, nothing can beat recommendations from the people who know you best—your friends and family! And MyBundle has an awesome feature that lets them vote on your next great watch! Note: Replace the above link with your ISP’s unique MyBundle link.

Simply scroll through your Binge List and select titles that sound appealing to you and click on “Add to Vote List.” Then, share your Vote List with family and friends via text message, social media, or email, and let them vote. Once they’ve given it some thought and registered their opinion, check out their recommendations in your profile—and start binging away!

MyBundle makes streaming entertainment faster, simpler, and better organized. From a Master Watchlist to personalized streaming options to recommendations voted on by your friends and family, we think MyBundle fosters strategic streaming!

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