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Your Smart TV is hooked up and connected to your Wi-Fi for streaming. And you’ve upgraded to the advanced, high-speed fiber internet from RTC Communications and engaged MyBundle’s Find My Bundle Tool to set up a package of apps and streaming services you need and want. So you may be wondering if you can now—finally—cancel cable!

Well, the good news is that you’re just about ready to finally cut the cord and be free of the extra unnecessary bills and equipment that come with cable internet. But before you take that last step, you need to double-check a few things.

Below we highlight some of the last steps you should be sure you’ve completed before you cancel your cable subscription and cut the cord for good.

1. Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Router is Optimized and Well-Poisitioned

To maximize RTC Communication’s high-speed fiber internet, you need to ensure that your Wi-Fi router is well-placed. Windows and other glass can greatly diminish Wi-Fi signal, interfering with quality streaming. Other obstructions like too many walls between the router and your devices and even microwave oven signals can also reduce performance.

Run speed tests throughout your home and experiment with router placement to improve your streaming experience. For example, try to place the router higher off the ground, and if possible, keep it away from other electronic equipment.

2. Select a Live TV Streaming Service

Canceling cable doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live tv, like live sports and news. Indeed there are several great live streaming television options to choose from based on your viewing needs and preferences.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the live tv streaming services available through MyBundle, including DIRECTTV STREAM, Fubo TV, Sling TV, and Youtube TV. You’ll be able to compare and contrast each service’s plans and their benefits and price points so you don’t miss out on anything—or overpay for what you don’t need.

3. Consider Adding A Streaming Stick

Although your Smart TV may have all the apps and streaming services you think you want, there are a few reasons to consider purchasing a Streaming Stick as well. A small, portable device that plugs into your television’s HDMI port, Streaming Sticks are relatively inexpensive (usually ranging between about $30 and $50) and provide a much larger selection of apps and streaming services. Roku Streaming Stick, Chromestick, and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick are popular options.

Smart TVs usually come pre-programmed with fewer apps than Streaming Sticks, and it can also be more difficult to add additional apps. And the apps programmed for Streaming Sticks are upgraded more frequently than those made for Smart TV’s, which may improve their performance as well. Again, if you already have a Smart TV, a Streaming Stick probably isn’t necessary, but it could be worth your consideration.

4. Cancel Cable and Return Your Equipment

The last step is the most rewarding—call your cable company and CANCEL your cable tv service! You’ll have to return any equipment, of course, but consider it the last hassle you have to deal with before finally being free of cable!


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