Level Up your Home’s Wi-Fi with IntelecynIQ

What is IntelecynIQ?

lntelecynlQ is an a-la-carte package of services that gives you the ability to manage your home’s Wi-Fi.
Get an instant snapshot of your home or small business network, view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls, or a guest network. run speed tests, change your SSID (aka wireless router name and password), and so much more. 

lntelecynIQ allows you to have unlimited control of your home network, effortlessly, and get the app for FREE!

IntelecynIQ Control Features


Wi-Fi Devices at Home: Gaming Systems, Smart TVs, phones, computers, tablets


Computer Settings by Family Member


Screen Time Limits


Usage & History


Safe Searches


Content Filtering


Pause Wi-Fi Usage


Bedtime Settings


Preset Off Times


Device & Activity Priorities


Separate Networks for Guests


Speed Tests

Increase your home’s IQ with added Wi-Fi features for LESS THAN $8.00 ⁄ Mo.

lntelecynlQ offers 2 add-on packages that help you determine the levels of home Wi-Fi monitoring that best fits you and your family’s needs.

Small Investment. Big Security.

IntelecynIQ App

lntelecynlQ is a smartphone app that connects and allows you to control to your home Wi-Fi.

IntelecynIQ App Features:

      • Change & reset Wi-Fi network
        name & password
      • See devices currently using your Wi-Fi
      • Pause internet usage
      • Schedule Wi-Fi downtime or limit access
      • Create a temporary guest network
      • Run speed test


Download TODAY!

lntelecynlQ Equipment Requirements:

    ExperienceIQ Add-On

    Protects from harmful and inappropriate content creating a safe viewing experience.

    ExperienceIQ Add-On Features:

      • Restrict inappropriate viewing via applications, websites, or predefined content categories
      • Set Safe Search criteria for apps like YouTube, Google, Bing, etc.
      • Set detailed Network, Thing, or Traffic Priorities
      • Define and/or schedule comprehensive user or network usage time limits

    ExperiencelQ Equipment Requirements:

      ProtectIQ Add-On

      If it’s connected, it’s protected!

      Provides a high-level of security protecting ALL connected devices to your home’s Wi-Fi.

      ProtectIQ Add-On Features:

        • Monitors homes network traffic and blocks suspicious activity
        • Blocks harmful websites and notifies
        • Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) prevent hackers trying to gain access
        • Terminates and notifies data transfer prior to malicious activity is delivered

      ProtectlQ Equipment Requirements:

        ExperienceIQ & ProtectIQ add-ons include IntelecynIQ features

        *ProtectIQ is not to be used in place of other anti-virus software.


        Setting Up IntelecynIQ