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RTC Communications Announces New Company Brand – Intelecyn™ Speed, Entertainment, and Home

(Montgomery, IN) After over 65 years, RTC Communications is adding a new name. The board of directors and management are rolling out a new brand that reflects the future of the company and the new services it is bringing to its customers and the community.

“RTC has long rich history to the local exchange company in the Daviess Martin community. Our brand is our commitment to that community of residents, businesses, schools and organizations, ensuring that they have the best communications and entertainment services—bar none. The RTC Communications’ brand reflects this commitment,” said Dave Redman, Chairman, RTC Board of Directors.

Redman continued, “although the RTC brand has served us well, it’s time to look forward and build onto our heritage.”


Soon the public will begin to see Intelecyn™ on signs, trucks, banners and more as the brand for all RTC Communications’ products and services. Our lives are a collection of moments — some great moments — connected together, and RTC believes that those moments shouldn’t be slowed down because of the network. RTC Communications’ CEO, Kirk Lehman stated, “because of all of our new services and continued community commitment we are introducing a new sub brand — Intelecyn™. After significant research, the use of an outside marketing consultant and surveying our employees and customers, we were able to take all that great input and create Intelecyn™ internally. A true testament to the quality team here at RTC,” continued Lehman.

Lehman went on to elaborate, “Intelecyn™ is a forward looking brand for current and future RTC products and services. It embodies our Indiana heritage and intelligence. It’s smart and synergistic with RTC services and our customers. Although it will be new, it’s part of the RTC that you have known and loved, just better than ever.”

Residents in the three-county area can expect to see the Intelecyn™ brand rolled out as Intelecyn™ Speed (1 gig highly secure broadband internet); Intelecyn™ Entertainment (channels of the latest television, movies and sports); Intelecyn Home™ (world-class voice services) and Intelecyn Business™ (RTC Communications’ business technology and services group).

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