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RTC Communications Announces Plans for City of Loogootee Fiber Overbuild Benefits of Fiber-to-the-Premise and 1 Gig Coming to Businesses and Residents in the City

(Montgomery, IN) RTC Communications is in rapid expansion mode to bring fiber broadband to rural and municipal communities throughout Southern Indiana with new, blazing speed tiers and pricing. Once again, they are announcing a multi-million dollar fiber deployment investment that will impact roughly 2,200 residents and businesses in the city of Loogootee.

“The pandemic amplified the awareness and the need for high-speed, reliable internet across the globe to stay connected to what matters most, and we are here as your local provider to do just that,” stated Kirk Lehman, RTC Communications’ CEO. RTC’s Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) network expansion utilizes advanced technologies necessary to bring new community and communications-based initiatives to reality, such as support for economic development, business expansion, eLearning, telehealth, and teleworking. Once the network is deployed, community members will have access to 1 Gig synchronous broadband speed, advanced communications, robust network management tools, redundancy, and impressive IT services

The upcoming RTC build will deploy lightning-fast fiber to the city of Loogootee and portions of the surrounding rural markets. Lehman continued, “if you are a rural resident and not part of our current fiber builds, know we are aggressively identifying and developing grant applications and strategic community partnerships, and other initiatives to ensure all residents are served throughout Daviess, Martin and Lawrence Counties.

Early sign-up will determine where the network is built first and how quickly your neighborhood will get connected to the network. To make sure you get connected faster, call RTC’s friendly associates at (812) 486-3211 to fill out the pre-sign-up form for your location, and make sure your neighbors do the same. You’ll also be able to go out to to fill out the pre-sign-up form starting Monday, July 26th.

“RTC’s investment in Loogootee is a milestone for enhancing the quality of life in the area while also adding to our county’s competitive advantage for future growth and investments. With community ventures like this, we have opportunities for population, housing, school programs, and business growth,” commented Angie Risacher, Executive Director of the Martin County Alliance for Economic Development.

Their internet speeds are lightning-fast, and this city overbuild will be to, where they estimate the entire city being connected with their FTTP network by the end of November 2021. Noel Harty, Mayor of Loogootee, stated, “high-speed, reliable, fiber internet is the backbone of modern life in the 21st century and our future. We are grateful to have a partner like RTC Communications to bring fiber-optic broadband to the city of Loogootee rapidly.”

“We are here to ‘change lives one connection at a time by connecting you to what matters most’ and committed to being the area’s premier communications provider,” stated Lehman. This new network leverages RTC’s nearly 75-year heritage and experience and is a natural extension of their service in a contiguous trading area. “We (RTC Communications) promise that we will never stop seeking ways to improve and innovate products and services for the communities we serve with smiles on our faces,” concluded Lehman. 

For more information, please contact or by calling 812-486-3211.

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