Standalone Internet

Our lives are a collection of moments—some great moments– strung together—we want you to be able to use them wisely.  That’s why you need Intelecyn Speed internet from RTC Communications because you wouldn’t want to waste a moment.

Imagine being able to:

  • Upload and download data files—fast 
  • Stream HD movies—yup more than one 
  • Faster computer networking 
  • Eliminate lag when online gaming 
  • Share large files with ease 
  • Host your own video conferencing and Skype meetings 
  • Increase the value of your home by potentially thousands due to your fiber connection 

Intelecyn Speed Internet Features:

  • State of-the-art fiber network 
  • NO Equipment Costs
  • Free Managed Wi-fi Service
  • Advanced Gigacenter support for a host of advanced services 
  • No Data Caps!  Let’s repeat that—NO DATA CAPS! 
  • With our symmetric service; your upload speed is the same as your download speed 
  • Next-generation mesh network for better WiFi coverage throughout your home 

All Fiber Plans Include

Free Standard Installation

At RTC we make everything easy for you, even installation. Our standard service is free of charge, and there is absolutely no self-installation process involved.

Managed Service

Automatic troubleshooting reports are generated and issues are fixed prior to ever becoming a problem. Remote troubleshooting assistance available as well. 

No Data Caps

When we say this, we really mean that you will get unlimited data, all the time, all month long, at the speed/package for which you pay.

Copper Internet Plans

Fiber Internet Plans

Get More When Partnering with RTC Communications

When you partner with RTC Communications you are buying into a world-class infrastructure and best-in-class customer service. RTC Communications believes that everyone should be provided with outstanding service, all the time, every time for all your entertainment needs. We pride ourselves on great customer service and easy access to a live employee who lives and works in our territories. Call today to learn more at (812) 486-3211