Streaming Made Simple

Moving from Cable to Streaming

You might be overwhelmed about moving from cable to a streaming service, but once you do, you’ll be happy you did; and you’ll wonder why you waited so long! With so many platforms to choose from today — and new streaming TV services launching all the time — how can you keep up?

We get it. That’s why we partnered with My.Bundle.TV. to create RTC Stream TV. Let’s take the guesswork out of finding a streaming package and compare pricing and options with just the click of a button.  

Just answer a few questions and get your personalized streaming services recommendations right to your inbox. Easy, right? 


PLEASE NOTE: RTC will not be billing you for any additional subscribed streaming services. You will pay each streaming service independently. The RTC and MyBundle.TV partnership is to ease the process of choosing streaming services that are right for you, and where you live.

Find New Services You’ll Love

Already have some streaming services but thinking about adding more? We can help with that too!

Visit the RTC Communications Stream TV Marketplace to discover the best available streaming services and apps. Search by genre, live streaming TV, movies, sports, and more — it’s all about how you really use your TV and the entertainment you love.

Plus, you can check out which services have free trials available!

Personalized Streaming TV Portal

So, you’ve picked the streaming platforms you want. Now what?

Create a profile with the personalized Stream TV Portal and manage all your apps in one place. Yay — one-stop streaming! Who doesn’t want that to be easier, right?

You can even keep track of your favorite movies and shows — or your kids’ favorites — and create a watch-list based on your current subscriptions. That way, you can stop wasting time scrolling to find something to watch or switching between streaming TV services.

Devices for Streaming.

If you need a streaming device, there’s a variety on the market today. Below are some popular and most used devices

Click the icons below to learn more about each commonly used device.


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